JSON-Fortran – A Modern Fortran JSON API

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Brief description

A user-friendly, thread-safe, and object-oriented API for reading and writing JSON files, written in modern Fortran.


The JSON-Fortran source code and related files and documentation are distributed under a permissive free software license (BSD-style). See the LICENSE file for more details.

Official Releases

The current stable release is 9.0.1 and can be downloaded on GitHub or installed with Homebrew on MacOS. The documentation for the current version, 9.0.1, can be found here1, and a list of changes from the previous version are here.

A list of all past releases, links to their documentation, and the change log can be found on the releases page.


  1. Documentation for a particular release does not contain links back to general documentation; use the browser’s back button to navigate back to https://jacobwilliams.github.io/json-fortran/ 

Developer Info

Jacob Williams