json_file_failed Function

private pure function json_file_failed(me) result(failed)

Check error status in the file.

Type Bound



Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
class(json_file), intent(in) :: me

Return Value logical(kind=LK)

will be true if there has been an error.


proc~~json_file_failed~~CallsGraph proc~json_file_failed json_file%json_file_failed proc~json_failed json_core%json_failed proc~json_file_failed->proc~json_failed

Called by

proc~~json_file_failed~~CalledByGraph proc~json_file_failed json_file%json_file_failed proc~json_file_move_pointer json_file%json_file_move_pointer proc~json_file_move_pointer->proc~json_file_failed

Source Code

    pure function json_file_failed(me) result(failed)

    implicit none

    class(json_file),intent(in) :: me
    logical(LK)                 :: failed  !! will be true if there has been an error.

    failed = me%core%failed()

    end function json_file_failed