json_info Subroutine

private subroutine json_info(json, p, var_type, n_children, name)

Returns information about a json_value.


class(json_core), intent(inout) :: json
type(json_value), pointer:: p
integer(kind=IK), intent(out), optional :: var_type

variable type

integer(kind=IK), intent(out), optional :: n_children

number of children

character(kind=CK,len=:), intent(out), optional allocatable:: name

variable name


Source Code

Source Code

    subroutine json_info(json,p,var_type,n_children,name)

    implicit none

    class(json_core),intent(inout)   :: json
    type(json_value),pointer         :: p
    integer(IK),intent(out),optional :: var_type   !! variable type
    integer(IK),intent(out),optional :: n_children !! number of children
    character(kind=CK,len=:),allocatable,intent(out),optional :: name !! variable name

    if (.not. json%exception_thrown .and. associated(p)) then

        if (present(var_type))    var_type   = p%var_type
        if (present(n_children))  n_children = json%count(p)
        if (present(name)) then
            if (allocated(p%name)) then
                name = p%name
                name = CK_''
            end if
        end if

    else ! error

        if (.not. json%exception_thrown) then
            call json%throw_exception('Error in json_info: '//&
                                      'pointer is not associated.' )
        end if
        if (present(var_type))   var_type   = json_unknown
        if (present(n_children)) n_children = 0
        if (present(name))       name       = CK_''

    end if

    end subroutine json_info