json_value_clone_func Subroutine

private recursive subroutine json_value_clone_func(from, to, parent, previous, tail)

Recursive deep copy function called by json_clone.


If new data is added to the json_value type, then this would need to be updated.

Type Bound



Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
type(json_value), pointer :: from

this is the structure to clone

type(json_value), pointer :: to

the clone is put here (it must not already be associated)

type(json_value), optional, pointer :: parent


type(json_value), optional, pointer :: previous


logical, optional :: tail

if “to” is the tail of its parent’s children

Called by

proc~~json_value_clone_func~~CalledByGraph proc~json_value_clone_func json_core%json_value_clone_func proc~json_value_clone_func->proc~json_value_clone_func proc~json_clone json_core%json_clone proc~json_clone->proc~json_value_clone_func proc~assign_json_file json_file%assign_json_file proc~assign_json_file->proc~json_clone

Source Code

    recursive subroutine json_value_clone_func(from,to,parent,previous,tail)

    implicit none

    type(json_value),pointer          :: from     !! this is the structure to clone
    type(json_value),pointer          :: to       !! the clone is put here (it
                                                  !! must not already be associated)
    type(json_value),pointer,optional :: parent   !! to%parent
    type(json_value),pointer,optional :: previous !! to%previous
    logical,optional                  :: tail     !! if "to" is the tail of
                                                  !! its parent's children


    if (associated(from)) then


        !copy over the data variables:
        ! [note: the allocate() statements don't work here for the
        !  deferred-length characters in gfortran-4.9]
        if (allocated(from%name))      to%name = from%name
        if (allocated(from%dbl_value)) allocate(to%dbl_value,source=from%dbl_value)
        if (allocated(from%log_value)) allocate(to%log_value,source=from%log_value)
        if (allocated(from%str_value)) to%str_value = from%str_value
        if (allocated(from%int_value)) allocate(to%int_value,source=from%int_value)
        to%var_type   = from%var_type
        to%n_children = from%n_children

        ! allocate and associate the pointers as necessary:
        if (present(parent))   to%parent   => parent
        if (present(previous)) to%previous => previous
        if (present(tail)) then
            if (tail .and. associated(to%parent)) to%parent%tail => to
        end if

        if (associated(from%next) .and. associated(to%parent)) then
            ! we only clone the next entry in an array
            ! if the parent has also been cloned
            call json_value_clone_func(from     = from%next,&
                                       to       = to%next,&
                                       previous = to,&
                                       parent   = to%parent,&
                                       tail     = (.not. associated(from%next%next)))
        end if

        if (associated(from%children)) then
            call json_value_clone_func(from   = from%children,&
                                       to     = to%children,&
                                       parent = to,&
                                       tail   = (.not. associated(from%children%next)))
        end if

    end if

    end subroutine json_value_clone_func