Development Resources

This page is a place to collect resources which are useful to JSON-Fortran contributors and developers.


The guidelines for contributing to JSON-Fortran can be found here. Please read these before posting issues or opening pull requests. Also, please carefully read the LICENSE before using JSON-Fortran in an application, or contributing code.

Test Coverage Information

The best place to start when trying to increase test coverage, is to look at the procedure level coverage report automatically generated by If all procedures are listed as covered, then please take a look at the coverage info.


Scripts used to build and test JSON-Fortran. This is a partial list of scripts used in building and testing JSON-Fortran, as well as deploying documentation and managing test coverage information.

Release Checklist

This is a checklist of tasks to be performed when tagging a new release of JSON-Fortran. The current stable version is 8.3.0.